Trailers Optional Extras*
Standard 6x4 Trailer $1390 Swing-up Jockey Wheels $50
Standard 7x4 Trailer $1590 Spare Wheel Fitted $135
Standard 7x5 Trailer $2070 High (500mm) Sides $205
Standard 8x5 Trailer $2190 Rocker Springs $315
Standard 8x5 Tandem $3355 Electric Brakes to suit Tandem $230
3 Up Motorbike Trailer $1530 Checker Plate Floor on 4' Trailers $80
Ladder Racks $205
Mesh Crates*^ 12v Hyd. Tipper Kits To Suit Tandem $3870
To suit 6x4 trailer $690 Multi Volt LED $150
To suit 7x4 trailer $740
To suit 7x5 trailer $820 Tradesperson Tool Tops*†
To suit 8x5 trailer $880 To suit 6x4 trailer $1450
To suit 7x4 trailer $1530
To suit 7x5 trailer $1680
To suit 8x5 trailer $1790

All prices include GST. All trailers come with new Sunraysia rims and tyres. All trailers come with LED lights. All trailers are painted with Hammertone Dark Grey paint. Custom colours are available at an additional cost. Modifications to existing trailers and completely custom trailers are also available, please contact us for a free quote as prices will vary depending on the project size.

* Please note that prices for all optional extras including mesh crates and tradesperson tool tops are to be added to standard trailer prices.
^ All mesh crates can be fully detached, dismantled and flatpacked when not in use.
† Tradesperson Tool Top standard features: Side lift doors, gas struts & T–locking handles.

A wide range of steel and parts are available to order, please contact us for more information.

Prices current as of 19/09/2018. Please note that although this website is updated frequently, prices are subject to change without notice. For a friendly obligation-free quote, please contact us.